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This document summarizes the terms and conditions of By using or registering you automatically agree the conditions below and, you agree to abide by them.
Conditions of good use is free and available anywhere to anyone with internet access. All costs related to access to, hardware costs or Internet access are at only responsibility of the user.

If we want to use your résumé as part of the promotion of our services, we will take care to inform you in advance to get your written agreement.

In addition, each element that you share committed and systematically your responsibility. You are only responsible for the consequences that could be generated by the content you have decided to share.

Be careful what you share, this is directly visible to our members but also by the public. is accessible from anywhere in the world. Do not forget that.
Our services
Our entire service is hosted at 1 & is a free résumé creation service and not a place for spam or advertise. Any practice (see paragraphs « Related information » and « Abusive practices ») do not comply with this main rule will be banned.

However some service of are reserved to registered users called « members » or « users ». To become a member the user must create an account by filling in an online form available here. The provided services are:

The creation of a résumé in a few minutes.

The possibility of being contacted directly from the platform.

The possibility to propose or receive a proposition for a job, directly from the platform.
During your use of, you share some personal data that we collect. First, during registration, we collect your e-mail address, your name and your password. Except that, you are responsible for data you choose to communicate. is committed to keeping the information we collect about you secret and not to disclose them under any circumstances. We recommend your side not to disclose to other members or to an external person.

In order to make your use of simpler we use Cookies, for example to avoid to connect to each visit.
Obligations of users
As a user, you certify that the information entered during registration are yours. This implies that the email account associated with your profile is yours. In addition, you certify as true the information you share on your profile.
Related information
We try to make a healthy and secure network for you and your data, but we can not guarantee that environment. The use you make of is at your risk. In fact the services are provided in the state. makes no warranty and do not accepts responsibilities with regard to the security or reliability of the Services or accuracy of content. If further during your use, you are victim of damage suffered by your system, or other damage due to your use of the services or content, we decline all the responsibilities.
Abusive practices
You will not upload or share any malicious code such as viruses.

You will not do anything in order to modify, degrade or disable

You will not use for advertising or other kind of marketing.

You will not post pornographic content or inciting violence or hatred or threatening language towards others. If you find a content that violates this point, you are obliged to report it with the help of this form.

You will not use if you are under 8 years old.

You will not communicate false information when registering.
Abusive practices to others
You will not harass other users.

You will not be broadcasting content violating the honor of others.

You will not ask personal information to another member and will not attempt to sign in to an account belonging to someone else of you.
Visual identity
Our visual identity as our logos are protected by copyright, it means that you will never modify them or use them for your own business. If you need one of our logos to make the promotion of the platform, these are the originals below.

Intellectual Property

The service and the content are protected by copyright, laws, and other proprietary rights, that implies that you you will never try to interfere with our rights or any user's rights. If a violation of this rule is reported, measures will be started against the concerned person.

You are able to report any violation by using this contact form.
Evolutions is in perpetual evolution to offer a more seamless and enjoyable use. We are not responsible for the inconvenience could be caused by our updates.

However, we are open to any comments or suggestions in order to improve the use of the site. To do this, use the contact form.
You can at any time unsubscribe from Any removal of account is FINAL and causes the automatic deletion of all your data in our databases.

You will be automatically banned from if you do not follow all the rules above.
Thank you for reading our Terms & Conditions.

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